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Left-handed Handgun Review Series – Post 0

I am a lefty, I grew up in a house with lefties. Not politically – but in terms of my dominant hand. Despite this fact, almost every gun I’ve ever owned has been right handed. I don’t know if this is merely because of inertia; perhaps it has more to do with the elusive nature and relatively high cost of left handed firearms.

Perhaps I am growing old and less agreeable, but it’s starting to annoy me that the 1911s I buy almost universally need me to spend time fitting an ambidextrous safety for it to be useful. This doesn’t begin to deal with magazine releases, slide stops, or other controls. By and large, I have figured out how to work around “Righty’s”oppression. That said, I really like the idea that the ~10% of us are having firearms made for us, and I plan on exploring left handed or truly ambidextrous weapons in this series. I may also be reviewing some dubious ambidextrous claims from firearms manufacturers. simpsonsiheartsouthpawstshirt


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