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Zenith Firearms at the NRA Show

The expo at the NRA Annual Meeting had acres of interesting things to look at, but something that caught my eye the first day and caused me to revisit again on the second day was the Zenith Firearms booth. Zenith Firearms is importing firearms manufactured by MKE in Turkey. I’d heard about MKE previously on various HK forums. MKE is actually licensed by HK to manufacture firearms in a number of lines, including the MP-5 line using HK tooling. They deliver those weapons to a number of customers, including a number of militaries and other government agencies.


This means you can have a HK-licensed semi-auto MP-5 or MP-5K instead of building your own from flats or buying one from a manufacturer making unlicensed clones.

A few things I am impressed with – there are now two push pins on the trigger pack (there’s a shelf there too, to be compliant with import regulations, but it’s no longer to the exclusion of a push pin) but this does make it a little more attractive.

Naturally this is coming in as a pistol (well, there is a rifle that should be cleared for import in short order, but….). But because HK parts work, it could easily be made into an SBR (after acquisition of tax stamp obviously).

I can’t wait till these are shipping. Having played with all of the display models at the show; they even let me field strip one, I was impressed; build quality seemed on par with what I’ve seen with HK MP-5’s. I can’t wait till these are shipping; I really want to send a few (hundred) rounds down range with it.


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