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UPDATE: Charter Arms Southpaw Review

Quick update on my earlier review.

So I’ve been carrying the Southpaw for nearly two months and have a few more remarks to make.

Depending on location of carry (and perhaps overall size of the person carrying) the hammer can feel a bit sharp. I’ve thought about softening up the hammer, or purchasing one of the replacement spur-less hammers that Charter Arms sells, but it’s not annoying me enough to spur me to action.

The other nit I noticed was that rust was developing on the grip screw. It looked minor, and so wasn’t an immediate concern, especially since the frame is aluminum. This is actually a problem with the left handed folks carrying the revolver on their left side. The grip screw head faces the body (on the right grip panel), which means that depending on holster and other gear, it has a likelihood of riding against the body. My thought (as a southerner) is that this is caused by sweat.


A few weeks back, while at the NRA show in Nashville, I had a chance to talk to Nick Ecker, the President of Charter Arms. I told him what I was finding with several weeks of carry. Some of the other folks from Charter Arms started pulling out notepads and started taking notes. I surmised that the screw wasn’t made out of stainless steel, and that switching to that metal would solve a lot of the problem. (And to be clear, this problem would potentially effect any Charter Arms revolver worn on the left side against the body). I commented that the problem likely didn’t effect right handed users, because that grip screw would face outside, away from the body.


They told me they would start looking into the situation. Fast forward to Friday and I had a package show up from Charter Arms. Included inside was a Charter Arms patch, a few brochures, a mouse pad, and most importantly, a stainless steel screw.


I’m very impressed with that level of customer service. As one of 70,000 people present, and probably one of thousands that talked to folks at the Charter Arms booth, I am impressed that they listened to my issue, sourced a new part, and shipped me a replacement.


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